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Telepathy File Transfer in Konqueror

I wanted to write a Service Menu to send files from Dolphin, but I needed a dynamically loaded menu with the names of my contacts and this is not possible using Service Menu.

So I wrote a konqueror popup menu plugin (KonqPopupMenuPlugin).

It doesn’t work in dolphin though, because the plugin isn’t loaded.
Anyone knows if there is a way to get konqueror plugins loaded in dolphin or if there is a better way to do this?

Anyway, there it is!

"Send to..." menu in Konqueror

10 thoughts on “Telepathy File Transfer in Konqueror

  1. Veeery cool work, awesome to see that telepathy is being leveraged :). Does the send to menu give you a list of /all/ contacts that you can possibly send the item to? For small contact lists, I suppose that could work but I suspect for lots that could get quite unwieldy rather quickly. Why not have a window pop up to select which contact(s?) to send it to?

  2. Send to…>

    Ellipsis implies that a dilog window will appear upon pressing the item

  3. I agree with both comment, the thing to improve would be to remove the ugly sub-sub-menu thing and replace it by a more elegant solution. I find it infective design especially when many contacts are present and it does not fit within a modern look and feel system that KDE is trying to offer. A little wizard box or a simple dialog with a drop down list is better to my taste.

  4. A dialog for contact selection would also solve the dolphin problem as it could be a service menu again.

  5. Why the sub-menus?
    If it’s to allow chosing jabber identities (instances? or agents? don’t know how it’s called) it would make sense to only show the sub menu if theres more than one.

    Also, does showing offline contacts make sense?

    However, great stuff!

  6. Awesome work.
    However, it’s a shame I will have to switch from using my GMail based Jabber to use it, since Kopete does not support the older file transfer protocol used by GTalk iirc.
    Can anyone recommend a good Jabber service provider? ^^

  7. I thought about the dialog window, but I was sure that it would work with a dialog, I wasn’t sure that it could work with a menu, so I wanted to try 😀
    By now I’ll just remove ellipsis, I’ll work on a dialog window later!

    The submenu is populated using a qt model, this means that it will be really easy to “filter” the model using a proxy to show online contacts only or to “sort” by user preference and show only some of the contacts or contacts from a single group. At the moment we only have a “grouped contacts proxy model” but using that would add another sub-menu.
    The “ugly sub-sub-menu” is because we have “contacts” and “meta-contacts” like in Kopete.
    The model that I’m using contains both, but again using a proxy could easily show only meta-contacts and choose automatically the best/favorite IM account for file transfer. (or other methods like e-mail in the future?)
    But we still have a lot of things to do before working on proxy models so, if anyone wants to do it just come on #kde-telepathy

  8. How about drag and drop as in Mac, where you drag a file to a contact in iChat?

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