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KDE-Telepathy Sprint 2 – Day 0

KDE-Telepathy isn’t officially started yet, but most of the team is already here, in Collabora office in Cambridge.

We have a very long Agenda for the sprint, and more todos are now on the whiteboard therefore all the people already started hacking.

Almost everyone is already at work
Almost everyone is already at work

While waiting for other people we also played the analogical version of KHangMan, also known as Hangman, but nobody managed to figure out this one:

G_O_E? We couldn't figure this out
G_O_E? We couldn't figure this out

Looks like it will be a pretty interesting sprint! Stay tuned.

18 thoughts on “KDE-Telepathy Sprint 2 – Day 0

    1. That was correct, but I’m editing your post to keep people thinking 😀
      Someone here didn’t get it yet 😉

  1. I suppose /usr/share/dict and grep were outlawed?

    Fwiw, anyone looking for command-line-fu:

    grep -i ‘^g.o.e$’ /usr/share/dict/words

    That gives 7 results. Let’s try harder:

    grep -i ‘^g.o.e$’ /usr/share/dict/words | grep -iv ‘[aisltufybpcrk]’

    That “geode” and “g*o*e”. That could be good enough, but

    grep -i “^g${l}o${l}e$” /usr/shar/dict/words

    ~ Luke Shumaker

  2. Are you in Cambridge, UK?
    If so that’s awesome, I’m in Cambridge UK and have been trying to get into contact with other KDE dev. The Cambridge LUG seems non-existent.

    Craig Thomas AKA Cragdor

        1. I don’t know yet, can you join us on IRC (#kde-telepathy channel on freenode)? It will be easier to communicate…

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