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KDE-Telepathy Sprint 2 – Day 1

KDE-Telepathy Sprint 2 is officially started!
Everyone is so excited that we came to Collabora office too early and we were locked out! So while waiting someone started hacking…

Hacking outside Collabora office
Hacking outside Collabora office

Someone else spent his time in other ways…

d_ed juggling bananas outside Collabora office
d_ed juggling bananas outside Collabora office

Today we covered several topics and a lot of decision were taken:

  • Nepomuk
  • Licensing
  • CMake
  • Git
  • Logo and missing icons
  • Libraries/git submodules
  • GStreamer and Farsight
  • Chat UI Plugins
  • Launch and dinner

And most important of all:

  • Releasing Tech Preview KDE-Telepathy 0.2

This release still won’t be including any Nepomuk integration and will be mostly for the hundred of bug fixes shipped after the 0.1 release + some new cool feature.
This is the plan:

  • 18 September: Feature freeze! That means that we will decide all the features and the components that will be decided at the sprint. We will start the 0.2 branch on all the repositories
  • 8 October: “Big” Freeze (Strings will be frozen, translators will be able to start the translation, etc)
  • 30 October: Release

If you want to know more about what is happening at the sprint you can find some more pictures of the sprint here (I will continue to update it) and you can Follow real time updates #kdetpsprint on twitter and

P.S. A big hug to vHanda who wasn’t able to join us because of visa problems… That sucks!

EDIT: More pictures by mck182 here

6 thoughts on “KDE-Telepathy Sprint 2 – Day 1

  1. What about KWallet integration?

    Is it possible now? If not, when will upstream telepathy be changed so KWallet integration would be possible?

  2. Have you considered deciding on the definitive name of KDE-Telepathy? I read somewhere you chose KDE-Telepathy as a temporal name until a better one would came up, but since a lot of the developers are joining in the sprint, this could be a good opportunity to come up with a name.

    I think that would help the project have an identity, and people who have not used it, give it a try…

  3. Any chances you package translations along with 0.2 release?

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