Today I found this plasma applet named “Service Monitor“, I thought it could be useful to monitor telepathy services, so I played a little with it and I wrote a couple of XML files containing definitions for Telepathy and KDE-Telepathy services, and here is the result:

KDE-Telepathy Service Monitor
KDE-Telepathy Service Monitor

I find it quite useful, it allows you to choose the services you are interested in among the ones installed, monitor which services are running, start and stop them from the applet.
Moreover thanks to that I already found a bug in the auth-handler that doesn’t exit when it is supposed to do so, so I’m sharing the xml files hoping that they can be useful for someone else. If you are interested you can find them here: git://, you just import the xml files from the “Manage Sources” tab in the config dialog for the applet.

P.S. All credits for Service Monitor go to the original author.

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