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Digikam Code Sprint @ Genova + Telepathy KIPI Plugin

This post was supposed to be published yesterday January 18th 2012, but I’m delaying it of 24 hours in support of SOPA STRIKE

Last weekend the Digikam Code Sprint was held in Genoa (Italy). Yes, I’m not a Digikam developer, but I live in Genoa and this was a very good occasion to implement something that I’ve being planning to implement for a long time: A KIPI Plugin for Telepathy. So before saying anything else, here is the mandatory screenshot:

Telepathy KIPI Plugin
Telepathy KIPI Plugin

Thanks to this plugin, you will be able to send your pictures and albums from digikam, showfoto and any other application using KIPI plugins. Most of all I wanted this feature in KSnapshot, and yes this is now possible.

This is something I already implemented in the past [1] but I must admit that having all the contacts in a menu was a bad idea, so I gave up at the time… So this time we have a widget instead that takes shows only the person that are online, that can accept a file transfer and there is a bar to filter by name (actually most of this is widget is “borrowed” from Telepathy Send File, written by David, so credits for that go to him). I think this solution is much better than the menu, but comments are very welcome.

Unfortunately the widget won’t be in KDE Telepathy 0.3 so you will have to wait for the 0.4 release, and then you will have to wait for the kipi-plugin to be reviewed by the digikam developers… Meanwhile it will reside in my clone repositories (I will update this post with the links as soon as the code is available)

P.S. Thanks to ALID (especially to Angelo, Stefano and Claudio) and KDE e.V. for hosting, organizing and supporting the event and to all the Digikam developers.

6 thoughts on “Digikam Code Sprint @ Genova + Telepathy KIPI Plugin

  1. Neato. Been waiting for something useful like this. Would recommend some changes to the user interface. If, for example I’m pulling contacts from a directory would there be anyway to display in user groups. And also ability to select multiple contacts?

    And also, does that *send* the email or does it pull up kmail’s new email message button pre-filled out with “To:” and “Attachments:”??

    Very cool dude.

    1. It doesn’t use kmail but telepathy, that is an instant messaging framework… that means that you are able to send your stuff through MSN, gtalk, jabber, etc. to an online contact.

      Martin is writing an aggregation library that will aggregate contacts from instant messaging, address book, etc. When this is ready we might change it to show all the persons from all the sources and choose the best method to send the file (instant messaging if the contact is online, otherwise e-mail).

      Multiple contact is not supported at the moment, but just allowing to select several contacts (using shift and ctrl keys) shouldn’t be too hard to implement, I will work on that. I’d like to have something like dolphin where you can add/remove contacts to the selection using + and – overlays but I don’t know how hard to implement it is…

  2. “Send to Telepathy Contact” ???

    Wrong, this should be: “Send to contact, user do not have to know what is telepathy”

  3. Nice 🙂

    It’s maybe out of scope but it could be great if the selected photos could be zipped and sent as a zip. Just an idea, I’m not sure how this is cleanly feasible

    1. That’s actually a good idea and Gilles suggested the same, so I might be implement it, but I was thinking about something even more interesting, like compressing the files on one side and decompress them on the other (in a new directory).
      In this way the user will see just one file transfer, and will have to accept just one, but he will see immediately all the files without needing to uncompress them.
      And I want to make the ability to send several files in a single transfer available to the whole system, not just the kipi plugin…

      I have a few ideas about how to implement it, I need to figure out which one is the best.

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