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KDE Telepathy in GSoC 2012

We had several good proposals related to KDE Telepathy for Google Summer of Code 2012, but unfortunately we only got 2 slots! But hey, we got 2 slots! That’s great! 😀 Thanks to Google for organising and sponsoring it.

The first accepted project is “Message Filtering Plugin System” by Lasath Fernando (shocklateboy92), the author of the chat plasmoid that will be released in KDE Telepathy 0.4. He will be mentored by David Edmundson and

“will create a completely asynchronous modular and extensible system that enriches messages before they’re displayed to the user. These includes embedding images and videos from links, Translating messages, (re)-formatting them nicely, reading out loud etc.”

The second project is “Enhancement to peer-to-peer DBus for Telepathy DBus Tubes” by Puneet Goyal. Puneet worked on the Payment Detection use-case of project Alkimia in Season of KDE 2011. I will be his mentor for this interesting project which aim is to make it even easier to use D-Bus Tubes from any KDE application:

“When an application connects to a peer to peer dbus tube, it must know what exactly to look for. Even When it registers for another object, the other side of the tube must know about it. So the ideas is to create a class that could ease the object to register and unregister on the DBus Tubes, and to provide you with an interface similar to the one as a DBus Server.”

We had to reject several good projects, because of the limited amount of slots, but if you are motivated to work on a project in KDE Telepathy you still have one chance[1]: Season of KDE (SoK)! SoK is similar to Google Summer of Code: you won’t be paid, but you will get a mentor, a very cool t-shirt and certificate! If you want to apply, you can have a look at KDE Telepathy ideas that we selected for GSoC but did not get a slot (“Telepathy setup for KDE multiplayer games” and “Collaborative editor“), check out some more ideas here or propose your own idea.

[1]Actually you have as many chance as you want to contribute even if you don’t want to take part to SoK! We have several junior jobs if you are (or want to become) a developer, and a few non-programming tasks that don’t require programming skill if you just want to help us!

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QtDbus peer-to-peer support and other good news

I’ve been really busy, so I was unable to blog for a while… And I’m still really busy, so this is just a quick update about what happened in the last few days.

  • My merge request [1] was finally merged in Qt master [2] and finally QTBUG-186 [3] is resolved. It took more than one year to get it in (the first version was submitted on March 26th, 2010), but it was definitely worth.
    This means that since Qt 4.8, QDBusServer won’t be just stub and QDBusConnection will have two new methods QDBusConnection::connectToPeer and QDBusConnection::disconnectFromPeer. You will be able to connect two applications directly and use DBus protocol for communication using Qt API, but without using the DBus daemon. (The only limitation is that you won’t be able to have both server and client in the same process and use blocking calls)
    This also means that DBusTubes using Telepathy-Qt4 (and therefore in KDE [4, 5]) will be soon possible (KDE 4.8 maybe?)
  • I succesfully defended my PhD Thesis (“Design and Development of a Framework for Tool Integration and Collaboration in Neuroinformatics and Computer-Aided Neurosurgery”), I’ll release the source code I wrote as soon as I find some time to do it (I need to clean the source code, translate comments, remove swears and other tasks like that before a serious release 😉 ), then I’ll probably write some blog posts about it.
  • Last but not least I am now engaged. 😀

[1]Merge Request 2342 – QtDbus peer-to-peer support
[2]Qt commit 685df07ff7e357f6848c50cffa311641afdca307
[4]GSoC Update: DBusTubes work!
[5]Hello Planet KDE && GSoC: Telepathy Tubes and File Transfer in KDE